Thursday, November 13, 2008

Curve Balls

I find it interesting how life throws us curve balls and somehow we manage to catch most of them and toss them right back.

Once in a while one of those balls goes awry and hits us square in the face and maybe even knocks us down. But we can always get back up and get back in the game again.

Can you imagine yourself running around a field chasing after a ball that someone else has on a string and as soon as you get close to it, they pull the string so that the ball goes bounding off in another direction only for you to go chasing after it yet again?

Why would you continue to chase after this ball that seems eternally out of reach? Is it because attempting to get to something is all that the game is about? Is it that if there were no challenge, you would become uninterested and forget about the ball entirely?

Curve balls come in all shapes, colors and sizes. And they come for an infinite number of reasons.

Look out, there's another one headed straight for your left arm!

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